Discover the Township of Langley

The Township of Langley is a thriving, business-friendly community located in the Metro Vancouver Regional District along the wide river basin of the Fraser Valley. Centrally located in a region population of 3 million people, the Township of Langley provides access to an unparalleled transportation network, world-class amenities and supplies, a skilled labour force, and some of Metro Vancouver's most affordable housing and business rates --- including one of the region's most competitive tax rates.






"When we were looking for a new location we wanted something that actually made a difference for our business and also made a difference for our staff and for our clients."


— Rick Bublitz, Deloitte






Grow Your Business

From boutiques to big business, the Township of Langley is a great place to grow your business. In fact, in 2015 BCBusiness Magazine ranked the Township of Langley as the “Top 6” city for jobs in the province of British Columbia. Many businesses choose to locate here for proximity to skilled employees, lower overhead costs and room to grow. With growth projections expected to double by 2030, the Township of Langley was ranked as a “top British Columbia investment community,” according to Western Investor and the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN).




Upcoming Event: Small Business Expo Bound to Steer You in the Right Direction

October 16, 2017

Unsure of government services, support programs, and financing available to your small- or medium-sized business? Come and learn about options available to you at this year’s Fraser Valley Small Business Information Expo held at the Langley Events Centre on November 7.

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Cascadia Windows Looks Out Into the Future

October 16, 2017

Windows and doors can account for about a quarter of a building’s heat loss. While residential buildings have several options available to reduce this loss, few options have existed for commercial structures.

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Green Building Rebate Program to Turn Over a New Leaf

October 16, 2017

Imagine a home so energy efficient, it uses only as much energy as it can produce on-site from renewable energy. The concept is called “Net Zero” and it’s about to become commonplace, with new rules from the provincial government as well as changes to the Township of Langley’s Green Building Rebate Program turning it into a reality.

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Invest in the Township

Whether you are a property owner, developer, or business owner, the Township of Langley wants to help you invest, grow and prosper. With a goal of reducing the red tape and streamlining permit approval processes, the Township of Langley has earned “top marks in timing,” according to the 2014 NAIOP Cost of Business Survey. As one of the fastest growing communities in the region, the Township continues to work with businesses and property owners to make investment desirable, efficient and profitable.





Discover the Advantages of Filming in the Township

Many major film production companies choose the Township for our extra tax credit, proximity to filming equipment and studios, and diverse filming locations, ranging from chic corporate buildings and lavish residential estates to rustic agricultural roads and historic small town communities.