Business Advantages


Making Connections

Competitive industrial, commercial, and residential land costs, low labour, energy, and production costs combined with a unique urban/rural mix of lifestyles make the Township of Langley an ideal community to locate your business.

With the goal of supplying one job for each Langley resident in the labour force, and one of the lowest business bankruptcy rates in Metro Vancouver, the Township of Langley is an ideal place to do business. Retail and commercial businesses have made the Township home to one of the largest retail centres in the Lower Mainland.

Similarly, many regional branches of major banking institutions and international legal and accounting firms have relocated here. Supporting more than 5,000 businesses and an expanding population estimated at 117,285 (2016) and projected to double in the next 30 years, the Township of Langley is an economic powerhouse in British Columbia.



The movement of people, goods, and services has improved with the expansion of the Port Mann Bridge to 10-lane capacity. The bridge is connected to Trans-Canada Highway, which has equally seen lane widening from Vancouver to Langley, an additional 30 kilometres of new HOV lanes, replacement of nine highway interchanges, and additional truck climbing lanes to expedite traffic flows. The six-lane Golden Ears Bridge along with its 14-kilometre road network connects markets along the Fraser River and provides quick and convenient transportation links for residents and businesses across the BC’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

The construction of the lower mainland’s new South Fraser Perimeter Road (Highway 17) is a four-lane expressway connecting the lower mainland’s Vancouver International Airport and Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal via  Highway 99 to Highway 1.

The 202 Street Park and Ride and Transit Exchange, immediately south of the Trans-Canada Highway, is fully operational, making an easy and more sustainable commute for residents and employees. With 800 parking spaces, this public transit hub also offers RapidBus service that transports transit users to the Lower Mainland Skytrain services in less than 25 minutes.

These infrastructure improvements have also created an emerging business centre in the Township capitalizing on a prime location next to the Trans-Canada Highway and appealing to professional service firms catering to a growing client base in the Fraser Valley.


industrial floor space

Township of Langley is considered to have some of the largest industrial floor space in Metro Vancouver. Serviced and unserviced vacant industrial lands, with stable and competitive land prices, are available in the Township’s five industrial areas. 

Open for business

The Township of Langley’s local economy features everything your business needs:

  • Skilled labour force
  • Comprehensive array of training/education facilities
  • Fully integrated road, rail, port, and airport infrastructure
  • Full range of reliable utility services and technology infrastructure
  • Suitable industrial and commercial land sites
  • Easy access to markets, customers, and suppliers
  • 3 million consumers within a one-hour drive

Education and training

With accredited post-secondary education institutions in the community, Trinity Western University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, access to qualified and skilled local talent is readily available. Employers equally seeking to support development of employee skills and qualifications can do so through credit and non-credit courses from these and other specialized education and training facilities.

Business sector diversity 

  • Agriculture and Food Products
  • Commercial / Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Filming
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Tourism, Accommodation and Food Services
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing

Canada’s largest cluster of helicopter companies makes the Langley Regional Airport a centre of excellence for rotary wing aircraft.

Agribusiness has the right mix

The combination of predominantly Class 4 land, high-quality soils, and innovative farmers nets high yield on 12,970 hectares of agricultural land. The Township produces the most varied agricultural production in Canada.

The good life 

Finding the right location is just as important for a business as it is for its employees. The Township promotes healthy and sustainable communities supporting a diverse mix of people while offering a cost of living that’s very affordable.

Identified in 2015 by BCBusiness Magazine as the Top 6 City for Jobs and as one of the Top 10 Investment Towns, the Township of Langley is your business location destination.

“Out of all of western Canada, we chose Gloucester Industrial Park in Langley for our regional head offices. Proximity to key markets and distribution points was crucial in our decision. Plus the combination of an industrial estate with a natural setting provides a great work environment.”