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Development Areas

The Township of Langley consists of 7 distinct commercial/residential neighbourhoods: Aldergrove; Brookswood/Fernridge; Fort Langley; Murrayville; Walnut Grove; Willoughby; and Willowbrook. In addition to these communities, the Township of Langley has industrial lands use available in six areas: Aldergrove, Carvolth/Willoughby, Gloucester, Northwest Langley, Langley Airport, and Willowbrook. 

The Township of Langley, along with the City of Langley, has been designated as one of Metro Vancouver’s Regional City Centres. All of these areas are surrounded by rural greenscapes, making the area a desirable destination for both business and residents. From the progressive growth of a major urban centre to the pastoral views of spacious residential estates, the Township has something for everyone.

“A surge of corporate investment in the Willowbrook area is helping Langley’s commercial core live up to its confident designation as ‘regional town centre.’ Willowbrook has a truly regional drawing power, luring customers from White Rock, South Surrey and beyond.”


Development Activity / Indicators

The Township of Langley has grown steadily year after year, with a five-year average building permit value of $382.7 million per year or a total of $4.02 billion over the past decade.

Not surprisingly, the greatest growth has been in residential development over the past five years, averaging 1597 residential units per year, of which 885 are multi-family residential. Most growth has occurred in the Willoughby area, including Carvolth, Yorkson and Georgetown, followed by Murrayville.

Commercial Buildings are averaging investments of over $15.74 million per year, while industrial buildings are at $20.58 million and institutional at $29.16 million per year averaged over the past five years.

Farm development activity has fluctuated over the past five years, resting at an average annual investment of over $13.26 million. These figures are not indicative of the importance of this sector. According to the 2016 Census of Agriculture, the Township of Langley generated $340 million on agricultural land, the highest out of all municipalities in Metro Vancouver.


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Business Growth

The Township of Langley has become one of the most active and attractive land markets in Metro Vancouver. From major international corporations and industrial production to specialty boutiques and agricultural production, the Township is one of the fastest growing communities in the region.