Starting A New Business


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Congratulations on your passion and initiative to start a new business! To help you get up and running, here are some key resources to help you through the process of starting a business.

Develop a Business Plan

Your business plan is an invaluable tool when looking to start a new business.  It is a well-defined written description and roadmap for how your business will start and evolve. Most financing, funding, or granting organizations/agencies will require a solid business plan before considering support.

For more information on business plans, check out Small Business BC’s “how to” guide on business planning:

Secure Financing

Securing financing for your start-up is a crucial step. Once you have taken a look at your own resources, circumstances and stage of life, you can decide if you need to look for financing options. There are both government and private-sector sources of financing that you can tap into to get your business off the ground. Options include grants, loans, private and public sector financing, and leveraging personal assets.

For more information on funding sources check out the Government of Canada’s grant and financing information:

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) also supports small and medium sized businesses at every stage of growth with money and advice. BDC is the only Canadian bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs.

For more information about financing your business or getting business advice, check out BDC online.

Register Your Business Name

The province of British Columbia requires that all business names, partnerships and limited companies be registered.  You must let all levels of government know about your business. Check out these resources to learn more about registering your business with a number of agencies.


One-Stop BC Business Registry, is a website that allows you to submit information to a number of authorities from one place. Choose a business name, register a business, incorporate a company, and more using this site.


The initial setup of paperwork for starting a new business can be difficult. BizPal is an online service that provides a list of potential permits and licences to start, expand, or develop your business. The service is a combined effort by the federal, provincial/territorial, and participating municipal governments.

Obtain Your Township Business Licence

Every business in the Township of Langley is required to hold a valid Business Licence before beginning operation. Check out our Guide to the Business Licence Application Process for more information on getting a Business Licence in the Township.


The Township of Langley is one of several municipalities that participates in the Intermunicipal Business Licence Program covering communities in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. The program enables mobile businesses related to the construction industry to operate in more than one municipality, under one licence, rather than obtaining non-resident licences from each municipality.

Check Out These Useful Business Resources


Small Business BC provides entrepreneurs with the information and guidance necessary to build a solid foundation for their business. Through a wide range products, services, education and resources, there’s a piece that fits every business. No matter what stage or what skill level, Small Business BC assists British Columbia’s entrepreneurs with all aspects of business start-up and growth.


The Government of Canada offers a diversity of information to help newcomers start a business in Canada.


The Government of Canada offers indigenous entrepreneurs with a variety of information to help start and grow your business in Canada.


Futurpreneurs offers financing and mentoring to young entrepreneurs.


The Government of Canada offers women entrepreneurs a variety of information and resources to get business plans off the ground.


Innovate BC offers tech entrepreneurs resources and information on starting a tech business.

Need More Information About Starting a Business in the Township

Find more information for businesses licences, permits, and resources.

We’re here to help you! If you have any business questions please reach out to our Economic Investment and Development Department through email to or call us 604-533-6084. We look forward to welcoming your business to our community!