Quality of life

As part of Metro Vancouver, the Township of Langley is a growing destination for business and residents. With a combination of high growth, progressive commercial-residential developments along with hundreds of acres of wide-open rural vistas, the Township has something for everyone. 

With several unique, distinct communities located within our municipality, people can enjoy all the amenities of city life. They can also enjoy the relaxed, slow-pace of our rural communities. For people who like something in between, our suburban single-family home neighbourhoods are ideal.

Residents, businesses and investors are choosing the Township of Langley for its lower land costs, central location, proximity to Vancouver, and higher standard of living. People simply get more for their money here. More space, more beauty, and in some cases, more profits.

Discover for yourself why the Township has become one of the top fastest growing communities in the region. Learn more about the Township of Langley



The Township of Langley has a moderate, coastal-marine climate offering a long frost-free growing season, mild, wet winters, and a warm summer season. The average summer temperature is 17C or +63F, while the average winter temperature is 3C or +37F.

Health & Safety

Canada is rated as one of the safest and healthiest places in the world. Stable government and economic climate combined with world-class healthcare gives it top world-wide rankings.

SAFE ENVIRONMENT: With a stable government, narrow class differences, and reduced economic tensions, Canada is one of the safest places in the world.

The Township of Langley also gets top rankings, with a lower crime severity index than neighbouring municipalities like the City of Surrey and the City of Vancouver.

EMERGENCY SERVICES: All emergency services can be reached by calling 911.

POLICE: For further information on the Langley RCMP, visit  or call 604.532.3200.

FIRE SERVICES: The Township of Langley has a fire department, which includes 7 fire halls. For further information on the Township of Langley fire services, contact: 604.532.7500.

AMBULANCE: The BC Ambulance service provides paramedic first-responder assistance and transportation to Langley Regional Hospital or other medical facilities. The BC Ambulance service can be reached by calling 911.

HEALTHCARE: The Langley Memorial Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Canada. The Canadian Council for Health Services Accreditation recently gave Langley Memorial Hospital a four-year accreditation rating, the first hospital in British Columbia to achieve this award. This is the highest award given by the national organization that surveys health care facilities in Canada. 


Recreation & Cultural Amenities

Go to a show. Watch a game. Celebrate an event. Play in a park. Whatever you like to do, the Township of Langley has the cultural and recreational amenities that add joy to your life. View photo gallery 

educational facilities

Langley is home to 41 public schools providing provincial programming for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. There are several higher education institutions and training facilities, including Trinity Western University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  

  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University (City of Langley)
  • School District #35 - Langley
  • Simon Fraser University (Surrey) 
  • Trinity Western University (Township of Langley)
  • University of the Fraser Valley (Abbotsford)

Cost of Living

Costs of living in the Township of Langley are significantly lower than western areas of Metro Vancouver. In fact, the benchmark single-family home price in the Township of Langley is about 40% less than Vancouver. Property taxes are also reasonable, with the Township rated in the region’s top 10 lowest commercial to residential tax ratios.

LOW CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: The cost of living index is 117.7 in British Columbia, as compared to 123.3 in Toronto, Ontario or 241.6 in Seattle, Washington.

AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD EXPENDITURE: Total household expenditures in 2013 in BC were lower at $78,414 than Alberta at $101,554 per and Ontario at $82,267, and the Canadian average at $79,012.

AVERAGE HOUSING COSTS: With the benchmark price for a single-family detached house at about $600,000, average housing costs in the Township are about 40% less than east Vancouver and up to 70% less than west Vancouver.

PROPERTY TAXES: The Township is rated in the top ten of the region’s lowest commercial to residential tax ratios, according to the 2014 NAIOP Office Development Cost Survey  (PDF). 

DEVELOPMENT COST CHARGES: One of the lowest municipal development cost charges in the region, according to the 2014 NAIOP Office Development Cost Survey  (PDF). 

WAGES: The average family income in the Township of Langley is $101,897 per year (2011 Census), which is higher than neighbouring communities and Metro Vancouver as a whole. British Columbia’s minimum wage is $10.25 (CAD) per hour up to an average managerial wage of $37.52. 

INCOME TAX: Canada’s overall marginal effective tax rate for personal and corporate income tax is by far the lowest in the G-7 at about 17 percentage points lower than that of the United States. 

BUSINESS LICENCES & PERMITS: Local, provincial and federal governments work towards minimizing red tape and streamlining approvals. 

REBATES & TAX INCENTIVES: Local, provincial and federal governments continue to work to make doing business here affordable and attractive. 


Move to the Township of langley

More and more people are choosing to move to the Township of Langley. Driving factors are lower land costs, proximity to Vancouver, and a better quality of life. Visit our community. Explore our amenities. Discover for yourself why the Township of Langley is a great place to live, work, learn and prosper.