• Farm to Table Video

    Explore how farm and table come together, through a sneak peak into the Township’s many local farms that grow, produce and supply first-choice products. From cider to preserves, from goji berries to wines, there’s a tasting opportunity waiting for you to savour. Check out this 1st in a multi-part video series, about our vibrant fresh food & beverage scene to experience what brings Vancouver chefs, lower mainland foodies, and locals alike to the Township of Langley.

  • Vancouver Board of Trade Launches TAP

    In October, during Small Business Month, the Vancouver Board of Trade launched Canada’s Trade Accelerator Program (TAP), aimed at helping businesses obtain the skills needed to successfully export products and services internationally.

  • Upcoming Event: Small Business Expo Bound to Steer You in the Right Direction

    Unsure of government services, support programs, and financing available to your small- or medium-sized business? Come and learn about options available to you at this year’s Fraser Valley Small Business Information Expo held at the Langley Events Centre on November 7.

  • Cascadia Windows Looks Out Into the Future

    Windows and doors can account for about a quarter of a building’s heat loss. While residential buildings have several options available to reduce this loss, few options have existed for commercial structures.

  • Green Building Rebate Program to Turn Over a New Leaf

    Imagine a home so energy efficient, it uses only as much energy as it can produce on-site from renewable energy. The concept is called “Net Zero” and it’s about to become commonplace, with new rules from the provincial government as well as changes to the Township of Langley’s Green Building Rebate Program turning it into a reality.

  • Economic Forum 2017: Farming Outside the Box

    With more than three-quarters of Township of Langley’s land falling within the Agricultural Land Reserve, it’s no wonder agriculture has played a huge role in our history and continues to be a major economic contributor to our municipality. 

  • Farmers’ Market Update: Sowing the Seeds of Entrepreneurship

    With nine farmers’ markets in our area and about 200 local food producers, you could say here in the Township of Langley we’re fortunate when it comes to fresh food options.

  • Community Profile: Aldergrove Is Revved Up For the Future

    Even the rain could not keep the classic car enthusiasts away.

  • Calling All Sports Organizations

    Did you know …?

    If you or your organization is planning to host an amateur sports event in the Township of Langley, you could be eligible for a funding grant.

  • Small Business Month: Expert Advice Is At Your Fingertips

    Even the most successful business owners know: sometimes your best effort is just not enough. The good news is: help is available – and it’s easier as ever to get.