We're Big on Agribusiness!

According to Statistics Canada's 2016 Census of Agriculture, the Township of Langley has more farms than any other municipality in British Columbia – 1,103 to be exact.

This figure represents 45.7% of all farms in Metro Vancouver, or 6.2% of all farms in BC. Statistics also tell us that with total gross farm receipts at the municipal level (totaling $340,111,011), we rank third in the province.

Agribusiness in the Township is diverse. With an abundance of agricultural land, we continue to offer future growth. Some current agribusinesses include:

  • commercial scale dairy operations
  • livestock breeding
  • poultry operations
  • export-oriented wineries and greenhouses
  • equestrian activities (riding, breeding, training)
  • commercial scale berry farming

Greenhouses in the Township of Langley account for 32.8% of the total greenhouse area in Metro Vancouver, and 6.4% of BC’s. We have 226 farms producing fruit, nuts and berries, and nine wineries. 

The equine / equestrian industry is also a stronghold in the Township of Langley.  According to the las 2009 Equine Industry Study, complied by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and the Horse Council British Columbia, the horse industry supported $740 million in economic activity in BC, through some 100,000 horses from within 14,000 farms within the province. 

The Township of Langley has become the Horse Capital of BC, producing horses that perform at world-class levels. Approximately 298 farms have produced more than 2,553 horses and ponies, representing 7.6% of the provincial total. We have commercial breeding and training facilities as well as recreational riding, both of which are supported by an extensive array of services including:

  • equine veterinarian practices
  • BC's only neonatal horse hospital
  • feed and tack shops
  • bedding suppliers
  • boarding stables

Thunderbird Show Park is an 85 acre (34 hectare) world-class equestrian facility that features three indoor show arenas, nine all weather rings, and one five-acre Grand Prix field. The Show Park hosts six major show jumping tournaments throughout the year, accommodating stabling for more than 800 horses.

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