Programs & Initiatives


programs and initiatives


Age-friendly Business Recognition Program

The Age-friendly Business Recognition Program acknowledges local businesses that have made a commitment to age-friendly business practices. By being recognized as an Age-friendly Business, your customers will know you are committed to serving customers of all ages and abilities with dignity and respect.

Sport Hosting Incentive Program

The Sport Hosting Incentive Program (SHIP) is designed to encourage Langley's sport organizations, through limited financial assistance, to host provincial, western Canadian, national, and international amateur sport events within the Township of Langley.

Business Walks

Business Walks are designed to build relationships in the community, to learn about potential local business climate issues, and to share information with businesses to support the growth of a strong and vibrant community. It is an opportunity for local leaders and representatives to connect with local businesses face-to-face in an informal way.

Emergency Preparedness for Small Businesses

Businesses need to be aware of what risks/hazards they may face and what steps they can take to help address these risks before they happen. Businesses that have an emergency plan will fare much better in an emergency situation. Find helpful emergency preparedness guides and first steps.