Business Walks


2020 Digital Business Walk - The results are in

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Digital Business Walk from October 26-30. View a summary of the responses to the digital survey. 


Business Walks were officially launched in 2012 by the BC Economic Development Association. Business Walks were designed to build relationships in the community, to learn about potential local business climate issues, and to share information with businesses to support the growth of a strong and vibrant community. It is an opportunity for local leaders and representatives to connect with local businesses face-to-face in an informal way.

How do they work?

Small teams of two to three representatives walk from business to business asking a set of two to three questions. Responses are recorded, and the data collected is aggregated for review and consideration by Mayor and Council. A Results Summary is also given to each business that participated in the Business Walk.  

Participating businesses are also provided with useful small business resources.

The Township, through Business Walk ‘teams’, successfully conducted its first Business Walk in 2015 in Brookswood, 2016 in Aldergrove, and again in 2019 in Walnut Grove and Willoughby. The 2020 Digital Business Walk connected with small businesses in Fort Langley and Murrayville.

If you would like more information about Business Walks, please email us or call 778-366-2033.