Starting a New Business


Thank you for choosing the Township of Langley as a home for your business. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for ways to expand, we hope that you’ll find everything you need right here. 


Get Started

You have an excellent idea for a business and we want to see you succeed. Before you begin to develop your business plan, you should ensure your business is a permitted use and learn what zoning will be required for your space. Our Permits and Licensing team can also help you learn about any inspections, licence requirements, and approvals you may need as you develop your business plan. 

  • Development Services: 604-533-6034 or
  • Permit, Licence and Inspection Services: 604-533-6018

Our Economic Investment and Development team welcomes the opportunity to get to know you and your business. Contact the team by email or phone: or 604-533-6084.

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Develop a Business Plan

Your business plan is an invaluable tool when looking to start a new business, and most financing, funding, or granting agencies will require a solid business plan before considering support. If you need additional help with your business plan, here are some excellent resources: 

This is an important stage for background research and to develop a strong understanding of the local community. Use our local knowledge to help build your business success. 

For a full list of all of our Data Tools please visit the Business Resource Toolbox.

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Secure Financing and Support

As you develop your Business Plan, you may discover that securing outside funding is an important step. Fortunately, there are both government and private-sector sources you can tap into to get your business off the ground. Options include grants, loans, private and public sector financing, and leveraging personal assets.



Government of Canada, Business Grants



Province of BC Funding Opportunities

Licensing and Permits


Township of Langley Grants and Incentives



The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Supports small and medium sized businesses at every stage of growth with money and advice. BDC is the only Canadian bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs. 

Depending on your situation you may qualify for additional support.

Small Business
Small Business BC provides entrepreneurs with a wide range of products, services, education, and resources.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs
The Government of Canada offers a diversity of information to help newcomers start a business in Canada.

Indigenous Entrepreneurs
The Government of Canada offers indigenous entrepreneurs a variety of information to help start and grow their businesses.

Young Entrepreneurs
Futurpreneurs offers financing and mentoring to young entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneurs
The Government of Canada offers women entrepreneurs a variety of information and resources to get business plans off the ground.

Starting a Tech Business
Innovate BC offers tech entrepreneurs resources and information on starting a tech business

Innovative or Emerging Industry
Western Economic Diversification Canada has been working to diversify the western economy while improving the quality of life of western Canadians.

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Register Your Business

British Columbia requires that all business names, partnerships, and limited companies be registered.

One-Stop Business Registry


One-Stop Business Registry

One-Stop BC Business Registry, is a website which allows you to submit information to a number of authorities from one place. Choose a business name, register a business, incorporate a company, and more.




BizPal is an online service that provides a list of potential permits and licences to start, expand, or develop your business. The service is a combined effort by the federal, provincial/territorial, and participating municipal governments.

Tax Registry

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registry
    If you sell or provide goods and services in Canada and your annual world-wide GST taxable sales, including those of any associates, are more than $30,000, you may be required to register for GST. To register online with the Canada Revenue Agency, go to One Stop BC Business Registry.
  • Provincial Sales Tax Registry
    If you sell or lease taxable goods in B.C., provide four or more units of accommodation in B.C., or provide legal services, related services (services to taxable goods), you may need to register. For more information, visit or eTaxBC.

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Obtain Your Township Business Licence

Every business in the Township of Langley is required to hold a valid Business Licence before beginning operation. Check out our Guide to the Business Licence Application Process for more information on getting a Business Licence in the Township.

Intermunicipal Business Licence

The Township of Langley is one of several municipalities that participates in the Intermunicipal Business Licence Program covering communities in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. The program enables mobile businesses related to the construction industry to operate in more than one municipality, under one licence, rather than obtaining non-resident licences from each municipality.

Business Licence Renewal

Licences can be renewed online on our secure Business Licence Renewal webpage.

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Find Your Location

Choosing the right location for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make early on. There is a lot you should consider and we have provided a number of powerful tools to help you. These resources can help you identify where your customers are most likely to live, where to find potential employees, better understand the local business climate, and see what parts of the Township are developing. 

Next you will need to decide whether to lease or purchase your space. 

Selecting Leasing or purchasing

If the zoning for your property doesn’t fit your proposed use, contact the Township to see if changes are possible. You can learn more on our Development Services webpage or by contacting the department at 604-533-6034 or

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Get Ready to Open

Congratulations on getting this far! Before your grand opening, make sure you have everything ready to go.

Licensing and Permits


Licensing and Permits

Verify that there are no outstanding inspections, licensing, or approvals needed by contacting our team Permit, Licence and Inspection Services department by phone at 604-533-6018.

Canada Revenue Agency


Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

You will need a business number with the CRA if you incorporate, or to interact with other federal, provincial, and municipal governments and take advantage of their programs. The CRA website is also a wealth of information on savings plans, benefits, duties and levels, and payroll. 

For example, employers must deduct Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, Employment Insurance (EI) premiums and income tax from an employee’s remuneration and then remit to the Government of Canada. 

For more information, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.




All employers are legally required to have WorkSafeBC coverage unless the employer is exempt. An employer is a person or firm that hires workers or unregistered subcontractors and an employer can be a self-employed proprietor, partnership, corporation, society, or any other type of legal entity.

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Hire Employees

Find talent, post a job, get help with recruitment and retention, and explore financial support and funding programs. From federal and provincial government programs to the Township’s Economic Investment and Development department, we’re here to help you succeed.




A service of the BC Provincial Government, WorkBC provides multiple resources for employers, including:

  • Employers' advisers office
  • Online and resource room job postings
  • Pre-screened applicants for your postings
  • Hiring events / fairs tailored to your needs
  • Unpaid work experience opportunities
  • Wage subsidies
  • Training grants
  • Additional employer information

Work BC Local Office:
110-19925 Willowbrook Drive
Langley, BC, V2Y 1A7

Service Canada


Service Canada

This section of the Government of Canada website provides information for employers, including employment insurance, skills development and training, job grants and funding, regulations and legislation, labour market data, and more. 

Visit for more information.

The Township is home to a diverse population of educated and highly trained individuals. The following data may help you begin searching for the right person for your business.



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Grow your Business

Owning a business is a challenging and rewarding venture and we want you to know that we are here to help. The resources below can help you grow your network, prepare your business for challenges, and push your enterprise to the next level.

Growing your business Connect

Get to know your Economic Development Team

We are here to work with entrepreneurs, businesses, stakeholders, and investors to explore, experience, and excel in the Township of Langley.

We want to hear about your challenges and work with you to find solutions. For example, we can help you to grow your network, identify the right person to talk to at the Township, or identify possible funding and support resources.

There are multiple ways to reach out on our Connect page.

Find Customers in your Own Backyard

The demand for locally sourced good and services has never been greater. Here is some data that may help you design your next marketing campaign.



Enhance Your Online Presence

The Township presents three 90-minute webinars as part of our Mastering Online Growth Bootcamp series. These webinars feature experts in eCommerce, digital marketing, and online sales. In these short sessions you’ll learn how to capture your customers attention, how to design your website to convert sales, how to find new customers online, and much more. These webinars are freely available here.

Become More Resilient

Emergencies can happen, they are unavoidable and happening more frequently. Township residents and visitors rely on local businesses to supply the necessary goods and services, before, during, and after emergencies. It is important that businesses are prepared to be up and running as soon as possible after an emergency or business disruption.

Here are some resources to help you develop a business resiliency plan.

Join the Business Community

Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce


Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce - Working in partnership with the local business community, our mission is to be the Voice of Business in Langley by promoting and improving trade and commerce, and the economic, civic and social welfare of the District, Langley City, Langley Township and the community-at-large.

Aldergrove Business Associatione


Aldergrove Business Association - The mission of the ABA is to support Aldergrove businesses and our community by encouraging residents to shop local, by presenting a strong voice to various levels of government, and by sponsoring various business events, initiatives and activities.

Brookswood Village Merchants Association

Brookswood Village Merchants Association - The Brookswood Village Merchant's Association is a group of local businesses working together to make our community a great place to live, work and play.

Walnut Grove Willoughby Business Association


Walnut Grove Willoughby Business Association - The WWBA is about giving businesses a voice! We represent and advocate many initiatives; Shop Local, Crime Prevention, Youth and Entrepreneur Support

Tourism Langley


Tourism Langley - Tourism Langley is a Destination Marketing Organization (D.M.O.), and not-for-profit society, governed by an independent Board of Directors who is mandated to deliver effective marketing strategies that will generate increased visitation, extended stays, more revenues and increased daily expenditures for businesses in the Township of Langley.

Loco BC


Loco BC - Support the buy local movement, measure your business impact, get listed in our directory, access employer benefits plans & more.


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