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A Modern Take on Dementia Care

Bungalow cottages, a general store, pub and salon are not exactly the standard amenities in most dementia senior care facilities. The Village Langley however is a whole new breed of care for our aging population. Established and purpose-built as a holistic community, The Village Langley takes dementia care to a world-class level.

The Village LangleyBuilt on former elementary school grounds in Brookswood, and opening in June 2019, this small community will be a place where people with dementia can live life their way in cottage-style homes, free to explore and enjoy their surrounding within the safety and comfort of a secure setting. With a full community centre including a general store, café, pub, salon and spa, and inclusive of assisted living and complex health and wellness needs specific to dementia care, The Village is truly a place where individuals will have a place in the community and live meaningful lives.

When asked ‘Why Langley?’, Executive Director of The Village Adrienne Alford-Burt had the following to say:

‘The Village planning team searched long and hard for a piece of land suitable upon which to develop the envisioned community within the Greater Vancouver Regional District. It was by good fortune that the former Bradshaw Elementary School was listed for sale as its location was ideally aligned with The Village’s community vision by way of its well-treed and mature-soiled land, relatively flat landscape upon which to build bungalow-style cottages, quiet street and established connection within the well-established Brookswood neighbourhood.

The Township of Langley was considered an ideal location for The Village for several reasons: it is an easily travelable location from all GVRD communities; it is centrally located, connecting the GVRD with the Fraser Valley, and it is a growing community with existing and planned supportive infrastructure to support Villagers and their caregivers.

I myself am a Township of Langley resident and am thrilled to host The Village within my local community.’

Construction on the facility commenced March 1, 2018, with the first household ‘Arbutus House’ and the ‘Oakwood Community Centre’ to be completed in early spring 2019. Find more details at