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Township Named a Top City for Work

When it comes to providing diverse and exceptional opportunities for quality of life and business success, the Township of Langley is one of the very best in British Columbia.

BC Business Magazine has released its 2019 Best Cities for Work in BC list and ranks the Township close to the top at #4.

Langley has been on the list since it was first launched five years ago. It started at the #7 position, consistently stayed in or near the top ten, and made fifth place in 2017.

“Our standing amongst the best in BC continues to be something to be proud of and certainly confirms what those of us who live and work here already know – the Township of Langley is a community where business thrives, where residents can secure employment close to home, and where people of all walks of life can enjoy a great quality of life in the community they call home,” said Mayor Jack Froese.

“The Township of Langley is the fastest growing municipality in Metro Vancouver and we are working hard to ensure we remain balanced, sustainable, and keep our economy thriving for those who live here now and will in the future,” Froese said. “We have many competitive business advantages and are proud to be the place to do business in BC. It is very encouraging to see those efforts reflected in this provincial ranking.”

BC Business and its research partner, Environics Analytics, conducted a survey this year of 46 communities with populations of at least 10,000. They examined ten economic indicators including average household income, spending on shelter and recreation, the value of primary real estate, commute times, population growth, housing starts, and unemployment.

The Township of Langley ranked high due to an average household income of $122,162, a five-year household income growth of 17.1%, and a lower commute time ranking of 28.1 minutes. Survey results show shelter spending at $26,631 and recreation spending at $5,945.

2019 is the first time that BC Business Magazine separated the jurisdictions of the Township of Langley from the neighbouring City of Langley in its ranking.

Val Gafka, the Township’s Senior Manager of Economic Investment and Development, is thrilled to see Langley Township climb higher in the rankings, but is not surprised.

“Diversity is the strength of our economy and our community; numerous industry sectors are anchored here,” she said. “Our central location, direct access to the TransCanada Highway and US borders for international markets, universities, a skilled workforce with high participation rates, business levy competitiveness, and capital asset valuation of $1.42 billion are just some of the many elements that make the Township the community where business can succeed.”

“With our population expected to nearly double in the next 20 years, we are focusing on ensuring the Township continues to diversify sustainable interests as we attract investment, retain and grow industry, and support job growth,” Gafka said. “We truly are open for business and are creating opportunities for business and our community to thrive. The potential is limitless. We are pleased to be regarded as one of the BC’s top places for work and we encourage businesses to explore, experience, and excel in our municipality.”

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For more information, contact Val Gafka, Senior Manager of Economic Investment and Development, at or 604-532-7305.