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By The Numbers: Development Stats 2017

Development continues to boom in the Township, with record breaking increases in permits issued for construction in the Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional sectors, and residential construction continuing to grow in each of the 7 Township communities.

Over 172 Development Applications have been processed so far in 2017, with over 2600 Building Permits issued.

How does this break down by the numbers?

Commercial $10.65 Million; 90% increase

Industrial $13 Million; 5,672% increase

Institutional $31 Million; 11,381% increase

Agricultural $5.4 Million; 61% decrease

Total including all residential and commercial $348.2 Million; 28% increase

Interested in seeing more in depth numbers in a specific category? Review the August Building Stats Brochure. Published monthly, this brochure provides information on current activity, historical comparisons, and trends in building construction in the Township.