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Cascadia Windows Looks Out Into the Future

Windows and doors can account for about a quarter of a building’s heat loss. While residential buildings have several options available to reduce this loss, few options have existed for commercial structures.

Enter Cascadia Windows, which has created the first commercially available all-fiberglass Passive House-certified window and door system in the world right here in the Township of Langley. The line of windows and doors is called the Universal Series and it’s made specifically for commercial and institutional buildings such as high rises, hospitals, and universities.

Formed in 2008, Cascadia has voluntarily chosen to adhere to Passive House, the most rigorous energy-based standard in the design and construction industry today. From their Gloucester warehouse, Cascadia meets these standards by bringing together scientists and window specialists, to create and design windows, doors, and accessible entrances that are not only at the cutting edge of thermal efficiency, but also exceed standards of structural capacity, aesthetics, commercial strength, and even cost.

“Not only will the Universal Series result in cost savings, it will increase real estate value by making each square foot of a building equal to another,” said Michael Bousfield, technical director at Cascadia. “With this new technology, standing next to a large bank of windows or a boardroom with four walls will feel the exact same, not affected by sun or cold.”

With this great innovation comes growth, and by taking on a private investor last year, Cascadia was able to move to their current warehouse, which has more than double the space from their previous facility, and expect to triple production. For more information about this innovative company, visit