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Green Building Rebate Program to Turn Over a New Leaf

Imagine a home so energy efficient, it uses only as much energy as it can produce on-site from renewable energy. The concept is called “Net Zero” and it’s about to become commonplace, with new rules from the provincial government as well as changes to the Township of Langley’s Green Building Rebate Program turning it into a reality.

green building logoSince 2004, nearly 200 new homes have qualified to receive a financial incentive from the Township for exceeding energy standards. The number of rebates earned is expected to grow soar next year as green building is further incentivized on both local and provincial levels.

In April 2017, the Province introduced new building code provisions, referred to as the Energy Step Code, to increase the energy efficiency of new building construction in incremental steps. The intent of these changes is to have all buildings constructed to the “Net Zero” energy ready level by 2032.

Earlier this year, the Township incorporated tiered steps to its Green Building Rebate Program. Staff are currently looking to further align the rebate-driven program with the Energy Step Code by setting a minimum baseline construction requirement for certain projects.

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