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Sunridge Gardens is Where Age-Friendliness and Sustainability Shine

Fact: Canada is faced with more seniors than children ever in our history. For retirement communities, this means they must adjust to meet the growing and diverse needs of their burgeoning clientele.

While all retirement residences, assisted living centres, and residential care facilities are structurally designed to meet the physical needs of seniors, it’s how the staff approach the residents’ emotional, social, and spiritual needs that differs from community to community.

When Bria Communities was considering building a senior’s residence in Murrayville, they conducted a two-year consultation at their sister property Magnolia Gardens, located in the City of Langley. They gathered information from focus groups, questionnaires mailed to Township residents, and visitors touring Magnolia.

Affordability as well as a walkable community with access to services and social needs both ranked highly on the list of priorities.

Residents at Sunridge Gardens  (22301 Fraser Highway) are encouraged to socialize and enjoy the entire building, not just their suite. They can invite their families on any given day to take part in group activities or have a quiet get together.

“It’s our job to make our residents’ lives as happy as they can be by supporting their overall well-being,” says Pam Murphy, Area General Manager for Magnolia. “This includes the physical (providing nutrition and an active lifestyle), mental (cognitive stimulation), spiritual (church services), and social elements (such as happy hour, live entertainment, and various other events) to get people together.”

Keeping affordability in mind, Sunridge offers 30 slightly smaller units with a lower price point. They offer an exercise room complete with state-of-the-art geriatric fitness machines, a theatre, and a games’ room. In the courtyard, there are raised garden beds along with a greenhouse.

An important consideration in the building footprint for Sunridge was sustainability, and this was also voiced in their two-year consultation. The building infrastructure has energy saving measures such as geothermal and solar heating, energy-efficient lighting and controls, and increased roof and wall insulation.

In addition, Sunridge recycles all its food waste, and garbage in the suites and common areas are separated into recycling and refuse.

Age-friendly business is good business for everyone. To learn some tips on how you can make your business more age-friendly, download our brochure here .