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Updating Business Information

What does it take to run a successful business? In-demand products or services, great staff, a good location, and a healthy dose of knowledge and dedication certainly help. It is also vital that potential customers know about you, who you are, and all you have to offer.

May 7 to 11 is Economic Development Week across Canada and the United States, and the Township of Langley’s Economic Investment and Development Department is taking the opportunity to remind local businesses of the need to update the information they have on file with the Township. “We regularly receive inquiries from people asking if there is a local business that sells this or offers that,” said Val Gafka, the Township’s Senior Manager of Corporate Administration. “We also get many queries from people and companies looking to invest in our community or create partnerships. With around 7,000 businesses operating in the Township, it can be challenging to point potential customers or investors in their direction.”

Basic business information is collected when a Business Licence Application Form is filled out, but many times, that information is not regularly updated. To help better support businesses in the Township, it is valuable for the Township to have more comprehensive details - such as a business’s area of expertise, services or products provided, the phone number and email address of key individuals, and the number of employees - with periodic updates from businesses when changes occur.

“We are proud to support and promote our local businesses by developing opportunities for them to thrive within our community,” Gafka said. “The Township of Langley has a competitive economic advantage of being the fastest growing municipality in Metro Vancouver and there are numerous unique business offerings here. Having accurate contact information and current details better enables our team to help make connections so that businesses can grow their networks and create successful partnerships.”

To update your business information with the Township of Langley, contact or 604-533-6018.